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Cindy and Bill's Workshop began as a hobby.
We both love to work with wood and began to widen the variety and use as many as we could find.
We now travel once a year to Arkansas to bring home enough wood to last the whole year.
All of my pictures are done with natural hardwoods-no stains are used.


Each picture starts out with a pattern and each piece is cut out one at a time.
The pieces are then sanded by machine and then by hand at least twice.

They are then glued to a backer board and allowed to dry overnight. The next day they are cut off the board and sanded again, wiped down with alcohol, vacuumed and then coated 3-4 times on the front and back.

Each picture is a unique piece of art - no two are exactly alike. I have over 100 different patterns, I may have that unique gift or piece of art that you are looking for.